The success of Source Atlantique is due to many factors — some internal to the company are:

  • Focus:  Professional talents and energies are concentrated on a few brands to ensure successful market positioning, packaging, and sales plan execution.
  • Marketing:  A strong marketing and sales philosophy begins at the initial stages of consumer research and product development, and extends through the development and implementation of strong support programs for accelerated sell-through.
  •  Multi-Market:  Our application of a multi-faceted sales approach to a market allows for comprehensive market coverage within various classes of trade.

We provide strong support programs to ensure successful sell-through of key brands.  These include:

  •  Monthly published promotions
  •  Co-op advertising
  •  Product demonstration programs
  •  Shipper displays
  •  Coupon programs

We publish an annual holiday pre-book program providing substantial discounts for early orders during the fall holiday season.  We tailor programs to the particular and individual needs of our customers.